The Violet Emma Batten story.

Violet was born 15 Nov 1902, her father was Llewellyn and her mother Selina. nee Carpenter.  She was born in Portsea, Hampshire. She would be my great aunt.

In her, mother's birthday date book, (I used to think it was my grandmother Lilian's, Violet's sister, but now I think it was Selina's)  there is a note:

1922 Jan 21, Violet Emma came home weekend - Set sail 31 for USA - Yonkers - in charge of Mrs Crocker after made acquaintance.

In the Ellis island records for 3 Feb  1922, Violet is recorded as:

Age 20,  Single, Ship=Aquitania from Southampton. nationality is shown as Russian.  However on looking at the mainfest entry, she is immediately next to a Russian family, so this must be a clerical error.

Also on the ship was a Crocker family from Yonkers.

Violet went to the USA to marry the American (or perhaps Canadian) soldier she had met during the first World War.  His name was Roy, or Ray, but we have no record of his surname.

Here are some photos of Violet and one with her husband, anyone know who he was?

"Your Loving Sister Violet"

"Violet and  ?Roy?, in New York"

The next two are mystery photos from the same source, but may be of Violet as well.